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Terracotta Mafia

Working as project manager for the dynamic duo Terracotta Mafia, I was charged with prepping the band's website during the release of their first EP, The Muse & The Machine. The band needed something that housed all their material, so supporters and potential fans can have a one-stop shop for music and information.


Terracotta Mafia


Brian Patrick Davis


July 2019

About Terracotta Mafia

Seemingly starting where Gnarls Barkley left off, Terracotta keeps their finger on the pulse of staying ahead of sonic trends. All the while, ebbing and flowing between the softness and aggressive duality of the duo's counterparts, allowing them to offer a pointed perspective on universal topics like love and loss. With stellar melodies and production that mesh perfect pop, classic R&B, hip hop and trip elements, Terracotta Mafia tests the boundaries and limits related to black masculinity and sexual identity.