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Mellowdrama Dream

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When your friend tells you she wants to start a make-up line and start of with lipsticks, then asks you to come up with a concept for logo and packaging, it's your job to get things done! She said that she only likes to keep the drama in her lashes and her lips. The client wanted something simple and classic, but still modern. That wasn't an impossible task to be charged with. So, first came the logo.
After coming up with a logo design, she needed some ideas for packaging. With all the make-up lines coming up, she wanted to do something that would compete with other things that are floating around in the marketplace. So, we came up with something flirty and girly.

Mellowdrama Dream


Brian Patrick Davis



Check out these concept designs for the packaging for the Mellowdrama Dream lipstick. Using the logo, I decided something that was simple, but catches the eye. The clients requested something that was girly, but still sophisticated. The simple logo allowed for me to be able to create something signature for the upcoming brand.