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Etcetera Production Group

As the chief branding officer of Etcetera Production Group, I was given the challenge of building our website. Of course, it was great to build a site for the team I've been so dedicated to. Although it didn't require a lot of graphic design, it was great to be able to build a seamless, professional site. It was a pleasure and has garnered a lot of business for our collective.


Etcetera Production Group


Brian Patrick Davis


Website Design

About Etcetera Production Group

Etcetera Production Group, simply known as ETC/Etcetera, is a creative direction firm specializing in creative consultation, talent development and brand cultivation. Billed as a creative collective, Etcetera is a conglomerate of talented individuals bound by their artistic ideals and a penchant for generating innovative concepts, creating a feel through sound and producing distinctive, aesthetic philosophies – all while possessing the vision and expertise to implement and execute them.