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Etcetera Production Group

Etcetera Production Group is a creative direction firm specializing in creative consultation, talent development and brand cultivation.

Icon Billingsley

Icon Billingsley is easily one of the fashion industry’s most coveted celebrity stylists. His keen eye, attention to detail and expansive knowledge of his industry have enabled him to create some of urban fashion’s most iconic editorial and red carpet moments.

Lola Scott

Lola Scott is an amazing photographer, creative and mother of three living and working in Powder Springs, GA. Her unique style and perspective are unmatched.

Terracotta Mafia

The dynamic duo Terracotta Mafia is band formed by the talented singer/songwriter Siiren and sonic phenom Trapcry. These prolific artists create sonic gold every time.

Lacey Duke

Lacey Duke is an award winning director from Toronto, Canada. Known for her dreamy aesthetic and affinity for counter-culture, she creates worlds that capture beauty with an edgy and fresh sensibility. Particularly, she has a flair for fostering organic performances that illustrate authentic facets of the black female experience.

St. Beauty

Atlanta-based dreamlike R&B duo St. Beauty were formed in the mid-2010's by vocalist Alex Belle and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist, Isis Valentino.

Dee Coleman

Dee offers a high-end, boutique perspective on all things aesthetic and visual.

Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith is a standup comedian based in Atlanta, GA. Her childhood travels give her a unique perspective on comedy. Her willingness to share her flaws makes her a favorite among crowds.

Jasmine Umrani

Jasmine Umrani is a self-taught make-up artist with over 8 years of experience in the beauty and entertainment industries. With her astute eye, Jasmine keeps a woman’s natural beauty in mind, aiming to create a unique look and experience.

Lauren Carothers

Lauren Carothers connects the dots and makes it happen. Period.

Porsha Antalan

Porsha Antalan is a freelance photographer based in Atlanta, Ga. Her focus is editorial, commercial, and lifestyle portraiture.

Draco Dixon

Draco Dixon, known to his friends as Draco, is one of the most sought-after make-up artists working in the metro Atlanta area.

Corey Davis

Modern day renaissance man Corey Davis is an Atlanta-based artist who has made a name for himself, flexing an artistic muscle of many talents; illustrator, painter, tattoo artist, producer and artist.

Zenobia Morrow

Zenobia Morrow is an artist and private jeweler specializing in custom design, fine jewelry, and watch sales for the nation’s most discerning clients.

Candace "EJ" T.F.

A blogger, content curator, D.I.Y. + natural hair enthusiasts that specializes in planning events, loves cooking and photography. An all around good time.

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